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FlowFold – Minimalist Wallet

When you lead an active lifestyle and have a real passion for lightweight and durable gear like we do, it really tends to show in your choice of style and fashion. For instance, most of you reading this probably have a tent, backpack, shoes, and accessories that are all made of some space-age lightweight material and a hefty collection of down jackets and wool socks. That’s why we chose to share with you the FlowFold Minimalist Card Holder, a rugged outdoor accessory made right here in the USA.

The slim, one-pocket design is perfect for people who find themselves at the climbing crag or the local single track on any given day. It’s big enough to hold all of the necessities but slim enough to go unnoticed in even the tightest skinny jeans (not implying we wear them). The 4.2″ x 2.75″ x 0.06″ dimensions hold up to 6-8 cards and a few folded bills for that “emergency” burrito and craft beer stop. Not to mention the FlowFold Minimalist Card Holder truly lives up to its minimalist name by weighing in at only 0.4oz / 12g.

The card base of the FlowFold Minimalist Card Holder is made from the super durable X-Pac, an ultra lightweight, water resistant fabric with the best strength-to-weight ratio on the market. Another great addition to this already bombproof wallet is that the edges are reinforced with a ballistic nylon webbing and it comes with a lifetime warranty. In other words, this is the last wallet you’ll ever need to buy!

Flowfold’s Limited collection was developed for those who want a classic look, a streamlined fit, and extreme durability. Designed with no excess features, the Minimalist Card Holder is functional and versatile. Its slim design fits easily in the front pocket of your favorite hydration vest or tucked away in the bottom of your backpack.  We fell in love this wallet and agree that anyone who carries cards would be better off with one.

Make sure you stop by and check out all their great products.

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