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December 29, 2016 Comments (0) The Gear

Injinji – Performance 2.0 Trail Sock

If you run, walk, bike, or hike, chances are you’ve fallen victim to blisters and hotspots at one point or another. As endurance athletes and adventure racers The Gear Nuts know the utmost importance of healthy feet and the serious consequences of neglecting those precious lower extremities. In fact, most endurance athletes could probably write a book about just their feet and foot care alone. It’s really that big of a game changer. So when we find gems like the Injinji Performance 2.0 Spectrum Trail Sock we just have to share.

Now as if toe-socks weren’t cool enough already, the Spectrum line of mid-calf trail socks features a ton of bold colors and graphics while maintaining all the benefits you expect from Injinji. The Trail series are engineered to keep feet comfortable on uneven and unpredictable terrain. The protective mid-weight cushion lessens the impact of hard-packed, rocky trails. The mid calf fit protects your shins and ankles.

The integrated mesh top which crosses the forefoot where the Injinji logo is, really locks the sock in place. They didn’t slide around the foot even with a lot of lateral movement. With a 39% COOLMAX®, 58% Nylon,and 3% Lycra® blend the Performance 2.0 Spectrum Trail Midweight Crew really aids in moisture management at a whole other level, and really keeps feet dry by wicking sweat  and unwanted water away from the skin. Sad and soggy feet do make the miles seem much longer.

Spectrum is a new look featuring bold colors and graphics while maintaining the benefits of toe-socks. The Spectrum print process creates a fresh design that will not distort when worn. However after multiple washes I notice the color starting to fade slightly. Not enough to distort the graphics but the color doesn’t pop like it did the first couple weeks.

After rocking the Injinji Performance 2.0 Spectrum Trail Sock in all conditions and a variety of different activities we’ve found that these are a great fall, winter, and early spring weight sock that everyone should own. These are a clutch piece of specialized gear that will turn your toes into happy little piggies!

See you on the trails!

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