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MSR – Mini-Groundhog Tent Stake

If you’re into the outdoors, odds are you’ve heard of MSR. Their entire line of reliable products sets the standard for quality in the outdoor industry. One of our first pieces of ‘nice’ gear was the Pocket Rocket stove made by MSR and is still going strong and remains our favorite essential camp item. Their Mini-Groundhog Tent Stake is quickly becoming our next new favorite piece of MSR swag.

The anodized bright red color compliments their brand and helps the stake stand out if dropped in the grass. The distinctive pull tab is also red and has reflective strips woven into the cord. They really pop under the beam of a headlamp when you’re making your way around camp in the dark.

The Mini-Groundhog is a smaller, lighter version of the full-sized MSR Groundhog stake. Crafted from aluminum, they are only six inches long and weigh less than half an ounce. Tying off is simple as the head of the stake has an angled groove in each fluke for attaching your line.

The Y-beam design penetrates soil easily and really sets up solid. Even in moist soil we have no issues with the stake pulling loose on its own. It’s amazing how effective the design is. Stakes come out just as easy as they go in when you pull on the reflective pull loop. Just give it a wiggle and draw it free.

We’re happy to make room in our pack for these high-performing tent stakes. Head over to the MSR website and check out the Mini-Groundhog Tent Stake and all of their other premium gear.

See you on the trails!

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