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December 30, 2015 Comments (0) The Gear

PACK Gear – Travel Organizer

Did you know that the average traveler spends 6 hours per trip packing and unpacking? As avid travelers, backpackers, and people that live a very active lifestyle one of the things that is most important to us when traveling is space and organizational tools. Whether you’re hopping from train to train, plane to bus, or yurt to chalet the last thing you want is to have all of your gear tucked away where it is inaccessible. We’re always on the look out for the best means to keep our excess amount of gear tamed and somewhat neat in our packs or suitcases, that’s why we’re excited to put the PACK Gear Travel Organizer under review.

The PACK Gear Travel Organizer was designed to perfectly fit in 30 liter backpacks or bigger but weighs in at a mere 9 oz. This is a huge deal when you’re traveling long distances and ounces count. PACK Gear really optimized their organizer for hostels, couch surfing, trains, tents, and even hotels.

We found that the Travel Organizer was a perfect fit for most of the packs we tested them in. The geometry allows you to pack around the organizer and also gives you the ability to pack and unpack in seconds.

The Travel Organizer is divided into four main sections: a large top compartment with a divider option, the two spacious middle compartments, and the lower compartment that is divided into to smaller sections.  For this review we hit the local trails for a fun overnight and trail run. On our trip it carried 3 pairs of pants, 2 shirts, a waterproof jacket, multiple socks and underwear, a down sweater, and a bunch of our trail running accessories.

The top section of the PACK Gear Organizer is a larger compartment that is divided into two smaller sections by means of a small Velcro strip, the divider doesn’t open the space up all the way but allows you the option to store something larger which is always nice. You know how much we love versatility !

The divided bottom section that you see below is great for smaller personal items, and we really like that they added this divider. Please keep in mind while packing that the bottom section will bear most of the weight, so you’d want to pack accordingly. We usually try to keep less desirable items at the bottom because we don’t necessarily need access to them frequently. In addition we compartmentalized the organizer even more by using favored Chums travel bags.

One thing we noticed that we would like to see different, is more options to adjust the nylon straps that attach to the clips, we’d really like to be able to cinch it down if needed. This doesn’t take away from its value and functionality, just something we thought we’d mention.

Another thing we’d like to mention is durability, it is always an important factor when reviewing products and PACK Gear has made no exceptions. They’ve really added value to this product by using sturdy buckles, double stitching, nylon webbing, and sturdy hooks. We put it through some abuse and it still looks brand new.

After several outings we found this organizer to be a well-designed, durable product that makes a great addition to everyone’s backpack or luggage. Whether you’re new to traveling or a seasoned veteran backpacking around Europe, we think you will enjoy the convenience of this Travel Organizer.

They come in two different colors so head over to their website at and check out their goods.

See you on the trails!

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