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July 24, 2016 Comments (0) The Gear

Serac – Sequoia Hammock

We’ve been ground dwellers for quite some time, well most of our lives actually. It wasn’t until a recent backpacking trip in the Daniel Boone National Forest with a group of friends who were all hammock campers. As we slept on the cold, hard, sandstone they hung in complete comfort and warmth. Our jealousy eventually converted us to hangers by the end of that trip. In the past few years there has really been a lot attention drawn to hammock world. So much so that it has grown into a cultural phenomenon. That’s why we’re excited to bring you the Serac Sequoia hammock review.

The Sequoia is an extra wide diamond weave ripstop nylon parachute hammock that comes complete with suspension so you’re ready to hang on the spot. The recommended maximum capacity is 400 lbs but it feels strong enough to push that limit. The Serac Sequoia has enough room for bigger guys like us to stretch out an relax at an angle even couples that are really comfortable with each other can enjoy.

Unfolded the Sequoia is huge (hence the name) with dimensions of 9′ 10″ x 5′ 7″. When folded down into its attached stuff sack with compression straps, it dimensions are a mere 6″ x 6″ and weighs in at just 19oz. Big enough to sleep in comfort but light enough for multi-day trips into the backcountry. The emergency whistle on the compression straps was  a nice little touch as well.

Serac includes a set of 1 inch-wide polyester tree huggers with every Sequoia. These help reduce the amount of force our hammocks have on the trees. The polyester and stitching is tough but still supple enough to be very durable yet easy on the trees. The straps are 6′ (long) x 1″ (wide) and weigh in at only 6oz. which is amazing considering they have 10 anchor points on each strap. We love having all those adjustment options to get just the right angle of hang. If you’re new to hanging and looking for hammock set up tips you can find more info here. There’s a lot of lore that goes along with sleeping in the air.

The Serac Sequoia hammock connects to the suspension via the super lightweight aluminum wire-gate carabiners. The carabiners make adjusting the height and angle of the Sequoia hammock very quick and user friendly. We love this type of suspension setup for beginning hangers because it is extremely durable and there will be no need for tying knots in the back country. Another thing we love about this type of suspension is that it can also easily be upgraded to become lighter and more compact for the veteran hammock campers.

After multiple trips and countless hours of hanging in the Serac Sequoia we found that this lightweight, super comfortable, and affordable hammock is perfect for the amateur camper, veteran hammock camper, and everyday lounger alike. With their 30-day money back guarantee and 5-year no questions asked warranty, how can you not hang in the Sequoia? It’s the most comfortable hammock we’ve hung in yet.

See you on the trails!

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