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Miles Wide Industries – Sticky Fingers

Sticky Fingers




Mud, sweat, and extreme elements are just a few of the abuses adventure racing puts on your hands and your bike. We can’t begin to tell you how often we find ourselves hours into a race battling the elements in remote locations on technical trails where braking and being in total control are a necessity. Miles Wide Industries, creator of the Sticky Pod, has found a solution to protect both bike and hands while keeping you in total control. That’s why we are “pumped” to introduce the Sticky Fingers lever covers.

When it comes to bike mods we love EASY and that’s exactly what we got from MilesWide. Installation of the Sticky Fingers was so user friendly that even our little adventurers got in on the action and installed their own. It was as easy as spraying a little hair spray on the brake lever, some muscle to slide on the Sticky Fingers grips and we were ready to ride.  The whole installation process took less than 5 minutes.

Miles Wide Industries has created a unique design made from neoprene for durability and comfort. You can slip the Sticky Fingers grip onto your lever in either the horizontal or vertical position giving you the option of two different thicknesses of grip. Options and versatility like this are what make products great.

We tested the Sticky Fingers on a wide variety of bikes and two full seasons of riding, in all of the elements and a wide variety of distances. We found that the Sticky Fingers fingers really help prevent numbing fingers on those super cold rides, and prevent slipping on even the hottest and longest of rides. We are also truly amazed at the durability of the Sticky Fingers, they have outlasted one set of handle bar grips and show little to no signs of wear. In addition we have not had to readjust or seen any signs of slipping.

After a full season of riding and racing with Sticky Fingers we feel it’s a great addition to your bike, whether it be mountain, road, BMX, or even a cruiser. They are inexpensive and very effective which make them a must have. So save your gloves and your hands from wear and tear and grab a pair. They come in 4 colors, black, grey, neon green and blueYou can find the full line of products at their website.

See you on the trails!

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