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Sticky POD – Small/ Large

Sticky Pod



It doesn’t matter if you pedal on the dirt or on the asphalt, a seat bag can be too small and carrying a backpack can be a burden. Also, lets face it, having all kinds of loose gear and tools in your jerseys pockets is just plain uncomfortable. That’s why we are excited to share with you the Sticky Pod, a convenient organizational tool for under $20.00.

The Sticky Pod is manufactured from a thick and durable neoprene fabric that can withstand plenty of abuse. We rode with a few tools that could have punctured the pod but it held up to everything we gave it. The technology behind the name partially comes from the “sticky” backing. These hundreds of micro rubber bumps are in place to keep the pod from sliding around in your jersey pocket. We found even in wet conditions the Sticky Pod was just that, sticky.

The first product we tested was the Small Sticky Pod, it could hold enough tools and gear for a short day on the bike or a very minimalist long day. We found that it was just big enough to carry essentials like 2 CO2 cartridges, a patch kit, a couple of energy gels, some small first aid supplies, phone, ID, money, etc. Obviously what you carry will vary but this gives you an idea of it’s capacity.

The Small Sticky Pod features a large zippered pocket (pictured below) that is the length of the pod, we found that is was perfect for your valuables such as ID and credit cards, money, and a smart phone. It was big enough to fit all of these items but due to the length of the pod the new Samsung s5 and iPhone 6 just don’t fit. All in all it’s a great space for whatever you wish to keep secure inside the pod.

The right hand side of the Sticky Pod is a second pocket made from a stretch mesh. We found this to be a great feature because it really allows you to stretch the capacity of this pocket and add more storage space. We used the mesh pocket for CO2’s, inflator, patch kit, and some trail nutrition.

The second product we tested was the Large Sticky Pod. It’s made for the exact same materials and technology as the Small Sticky Pod with a lot more features and for only $3 more. This case is a mini pack mule. The perfect size for long days on the bike or times you’ll be away from the trail head for hours. The Large Sticky Pod allows you to bring everything you’ll need on your ride.

On our first test ride we headed out for 15 miles of frozen single track and knew we needed to pack the essentials. The items below are just a sample of the items we brought minus our bike tool which eventually made it into the Large Sticky Pod for our test ride. Of course the items will vary depending on your length of ride, style of riding, and weather conditions but this gives you a good idea of how big this pod is.

The Large Sticky Pod has a variety of options so we’ll break it down by sides like we did for the Small Sticky Pod. The left side of the pod features a zippered mesh pocket that we found was great for holding our credit cards, money, ID, etc. Really anything of value that you want to keep secure within the pod.

Below the mesh pocket on the left hand side is another zippered pocket much like the one in the Small Sticky Pod. Even though this pod is larger this pocket’s dimensions seem to be the same, ideal for a smartphone, GPS, and other tech gadgets. This pocket isn’t water resistant so if you’re going to be in inclement weather you might want to consider placing it in a plastic bag first.

One of the features we liked most about the Large Sticky Pod was the hand pump holder. Two elastic loops hold the pump in place in the fold of the pod between the two sides. This makes it very easy to get in and out in a hurry yet keeps it in place and out of the way of the other pockets.

The right hand side of the Large Sticky Pod features another zippered mesh pocket. This pocket has the same dimensions as the mesh pocket on the left. We opted to stored our CO2’s, patch kits, and other tools in this pocket for easy access. Again we never experienced any sticking or snagging of the zippers.

On the lower right hand side is another larger stretch mesh pocket designed mostly for inner tubes. We found that we could only fit one 26, 27.5, or 29 inch “mountain bike” tube in this pocket but could easily fit two road tubes into the pocket. We ride tubeless but always carry a spare tube for extra long races and love that we now have a place to keep them.

After 2 months of testing the Sticky Pods we feel like everyone could benefit from this type of case. Whether you’re tossing it in your jersey pockets or just throwing it in your hydration pack to help keep your tools and gear organized and easy to access. We love ours and know you will too.

See you on the trails!

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