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May 16, 2015 Comments (0) The Gear

Switch Vision – AXO Sunglasses

Whether you’re an adventure racer, trail runner, or mountain biker, protection for your eyes is a crucial aspect of your sport. Protecting your eye sight from the sun’s harsh rays, mud spitting off your tires, or random branches while bushwhacking can not only win you a race but keep you from finishing also. That’s why we are excited to put the Switch Sunglasses AXO’s under review. A very new and innovative design on one of the most critical pieces of gear us outdoor athletes can have, we spend hours out in the elements so we wouldn’t want to leave it to chance.

What Switch is know for is their interchangeable magnetic lenses and high quality optics. During our long and rigorous testing we abused these sunglasses. We’ve ran over them while mountain biking, stepped on them while trail running, and dropped them too many times to count. Bottom line is, these sunglasses are durable and reliable. The magnetic lenses are strong enough to hold their strength over time despite all of that abuse, all while remaining user friendly enough to Switch out on the fly during transitions or even mid race. We’ve tested a variety of interchangeable lenses and none of them compare to the ease of this system. As you can see below it’s a simple yet effective design. One magnet inset into the frame and another magnet embedded in the lenses. At first we were worried the magnets from the AXO’s lenses would throw off our compass needle but were relieved to find they had no effect.

Switch Sunglasses has designed the AXO’s with athletes in mind by using 3D textures in the TPR-encased nosepad and temple tips which are shown below. These offer increased grip with reduced pressure points for lasting comfort. During one 12 hour race we were testing the AXO’s where the temperatures reached into the mid 90’s. Needless to say the sweat was pouring off of us and the 3D textures performed and exceeded our expectations. No slipping whatsoever and a super comfortable fit that we hardly noticed.

The TPR-encased nosepad pictured below offers amazing comfort for hours on end. During our testing we raced for 12 hours in direct sun never taking the AXO’s off. We were very surprised to see we didn’t have any indentations or stress marks on the bridge of our nose.

The AXO’s come complete with 1 Pair of low-light Rose Amber Lenses, 1 pair of  the polarized lenses, 1 lens pod, 1 Hard case, and 1 Microfiber cleaning pouch. We’ve added a link to the photo above for lens simulator to see what the lenses look like in your preferred environment. Both of the lenses we put under review performed as expected however we can’t say enough good things about the Rose Amber lenses. We primarily run and ride on trails so we often find ourselves transitioning from the canopy to the sunlight often.

After testing the AXO’s in a variety of different conditions and multiple disciplines we’ve fallen in love with these sunglasses. They are truly built for performance yet are still stylish and functional in everyday activities. We think everyone should own a pair. You can check out all the Switch sunglasses amazing styles at their website.

See you on the trails!

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