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TATO Gear – Clip On Tarp Pull Outs

Any time we can increase comfort in the field and simultaneously make a piece of gear more versatile, we jump on the chance. Getting more room under a rainfly or tarp is as easy as installing a set of Clip On Tarp Pull Outs from TATO Gear. They are super easy to install and are totally adjustable. Each set includes 2 tarp clips and 10 feet of high quality 3/32” shock cord.

These handy clips will really open up your tarp on the inside giving you the room to get comfortable. Adding these also makes your shelter more stable and wind resistant. It’s a great feeling to be laying in your hammock as the elements howl around you and you’re high and dry just waiting for morning in total comfort. They can also be used to rig a shelter from a tarp or blanket that doesn’t have grommets or tie-down loops.

The quarter-sized 0-ring is colored white so if you drop it, it’s easy to find. Just hold the o-ring on the inside of the tarp where you want to clip in and then snap the clip into place on the outside.

Ten feet of shock cord gives you quite a range so don’t be afraid to use it. The clip locks into place and is almost impossible to pull loose under normal pressure from any angle.

Tie off directly to the tree or loop it around and use a stake in the ground for quick adjustment.

Having tie-outs to pull open your tarp gives you room to maneuver more easily when inside, minimizes contact with what could be a wet tarp and traps more warm air if you’re using the tarp as a shelter overnight. Blowing winds won’t push your tarp into you and having sides that angle out means rain won’t pool and snow won’t collect as quickly.

We love how these clips let us mod our tarp for the perfect shelter set up no matter what the conditions are. We’re always finding new ways to stake out our fly. Head over to Dutchware Gear and get a set of these clips from TATO Gear. While you’re there, check out the rest of their innovative outdoor products.

See you on the trails!

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