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Ticket To The Moon – Eco Mini Backpack

Ticket To The Moon





Living an active lifestyle usually means being on the go constantly! Whether it be getting a few miles of trails in, or chauffeuring your kids to and from sporting events, or getting to that “much need” Yoga class, or even hitting up the local farmers market for fresh produce, you have stuff! You know exactly what we’re talking about too. With every adventure comes gear, and a means to carry whatever comes with it. I know we’ve always got our hands full. That’s why jumped on the opportunity to put Ticket To The Moon’s Eco Backpack under review.

Ticket To The Moon’s eco-friendly bags are made of only the highest grade, breathable, silk nylon parachute fabric. This enables the Eco Backpack to be extremely light, quick drying, rot-resistant, and completely washable in cold water. It might be compact and super light but it is super strong with a carrying capacity of more than thirty pounds. This little pack has a thousand applications but we really like the idea of it being a solution to avoid one-time use plastic bags from the grocery store. We’re all about reducing waste and gaining efficiency.

The Eco Backpack is definitely ultralight without sacrificing space. When open the packs dimensions are 28 x 42 x 15 cm and has a capacity of 15 liters, which is about 3 gallons. In addition, the storage pouch doubles as a 10 x 7 x 6 cm internal pocket when the Eco Backpack is open and in use. We really like how Ticket To The Moon made use of the space they had to create more than just another backpack.

 Ticket To The Moon also added a thin zippered pocket between the back wall and the main compartment to create more storage options. We love the additional space but found is was best suited for flat or soft items to prevent any bumps or bulges in your back. One thing we really love about Ticket To The Moon and the Eco Backpack is that all of their products are 100% custom and unique to each owner. The Custom Creator allows you to choose any of the pallet’s 25 colors for your main and secondary color.

After multiple day hikes and trips to the local farmers market via bike we really fell in love with the Eco Backpack. Packable, convenient, and big enough for all the day’s necessities. Head over to their website and pick one up for $25.

See you on the trails!

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