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April 10, 2015 Comments (0) The Gear

Trail Toes – Foot First Aid Kit

Adventure race and endurance athletes alike know that your feet are the most important piece of gear. It’s because you cannot change them out at the next transition area, you can’t upgrade for the newest model, and if your feet are out of commission you might as well DNF your race because you’re not getting anywhere with torn up feet. You can say “It’ll never happen to me.” but things happen and you don’t want to get stuck miles from the finish line without the proper tools or methods to tend to your feet. That’s why we were relieved to put the Trail Toes Foot First Aid Kit under review.

The Foot First Aid kit comes in a small, heavy-duty, waterproof, resealable plastic bag which will keep your kit dry and effective in most conditions. Trail Toes has this kit set up into 3 separate packets, pictured below. We’re going to break each one of them down and show you all the contents. One of the things we loved about this 3-in-1 kit is that it’s small enough to fit in almost any backpack or hydration vest pocket and is very lightweight.


4 – 7 gram single use packets of Trail Toes Foot and Body Cream. This is Trail Toes Phenomenal Ultra-Extreme Anti-Friction Foot and Body Cream which is great for feet, nipples, inner thighs, and anywhere else susceptible to chafing. 2 – Resealable plastic bags for your waste and used products. 2 Temporary tattoos to show your support for Trail Toes.


8 – 2″x 8″ lengths of Trail Toes Tape, an extremely durable, medical quality, latex free, body conforming, non-woven roll of tape to use in areas where there is concern for friction, chaffing, or abrasions, “Hot Spots” as we like to call them. The Trail Toes Tape can also be used to cover wounds or sensitive skin in the case of an emergency. In addition the trail tape is air and water permeable all while holding a highly adherent adhesive. This stuff is trail gold. 2 – 2″ x 18″ lengths of Trail Toes Tape 2 – 2″x 4″ lengths of moleskin. This is a new texture and style of moleskins for us but we’ve found that these perform just as well as the 3M brand that we’ve been using for years during adventure races. 4 – single use benzoin swabs.


4 – large alcohol pads for cleaning and preparing areas for lancing. 2 – 1″x 18 gauge lancing needles. We recommend you read up on your foot care before heading out to a race where you might need these. heavy-duty safety pins. 4 packets of 2 each 2″x 2″ gauge sponges.

As we’ve mentioned many times before you MUST take care of your feet. We’d also recommend that you learn how to do so before you start stabbing your feet with needles when you’re out on the trails and are hurried and fatigued. Fixing Your Feet is a book which is also available through the Trail Toes website and one that we highly recommend. Trail Toes has put a lot of thought into this simple and very useful go-to kit and we feel it is a must have product for all athletes, backpackers, military personnel, etc. With the cost of only $14.99 you really can’t beat the value.

See you on the trails!

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