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UCO Gear – Leschi Lantern

It’s hard to beat a simple, straightforward design. The Leschi Lantern + Flashlight from UCO Gear delivers just that with plenty of style to spare. A combination mini-lantern and flashlight, this lightweight (2.5 oz.) aluminum, rubber and nylon flashlight is a great backup light for keeping in the tent or hammock as a compliment to your headlamp. Compact and durable at about 4″ long, it fits easily into a pocket or pack and is always ready to go. Useful at home, in the car or at camp, we use ours all the time.

The light is very simple to operate. Just push the button to activate the super-bright LED. Push once for 110 lumen high beam, twice for battery-saving medium beam and three time for flashing strobe which is great for marking your camp or signaling in an emergency situation. These three modes work in both the flashlight and the lantern configuration.

To use the Leschi Lantern + Flashlight as a lantern just slide the frosted globe forward until it clicks and it will catch the light from the LED to cast a soft glow. This is perfect for lighting up the inside of your tent or for casting a diffused light wherever you need it. To return to flashlight mode, slide the globe back until it clicks in place and you’re ready to rock.

For hands-free use, the Leschi Lantern + Flashlight has an integrated shock cord and clip. Wrap the cord around something like a tree limb or trekking pole, anything up to 1.5″, and point the beam right where you need it. Engage lantern mode with the Leschi and you can light up your whole workspace.

Powered by a single AA battery you get 4 hours of light which isn’t a ton but we use this as a secondary backup light for overnight trips and special situations. Swapping out the battery is quick and easy with nothing to pry off and needs no special tools. Just twist off the end cap and drop in a fresh AA. The light is also water resistant with a rating of IPX6 so it shrugs off water and snow.

If you like the Leschi Lantern + Flashlight and want to see more, head over to the UCO Gear website and check out all of their innovative lighting products.

See you on the trails!

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