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March 13, 2015 Comments (0) The Gear

Voltaic – Touchlight

Ever since we were once stranded in the backcountry without a light after our primary had failed, we learned the importance of carrying a spare, or two. Whether you are on a backpacking trip, camping with the family, or you just like to have a spare around for emergency situations you never want to be caught in the dark. That’s why we are excited to bring you the Voltaic Touchlight. A powerful yet compact light that can be useful in almost every adventure.

The Touchlight is a small but very bright light which is powered by connecting it to any USB power source. For this review we opted to pair it with the V15 USB Battery (not included) from our previous review of the Fuse 6W. Since the Touchlight isn’t powered by standard batteries it’s best used when near a constant power source or when using a solar charger and battery pack of some sort. Due to its compact size and it being battery free it is very lightweight and has many applications. We prefer to use it for outdoor adventures such as backpacking, camping, survival situations, etc.

Voltaic has designed the Touchlight to be versatile in a variety of situations. They achieved this by giving you the option to stand the light upright or to hang it as a lantern. The Touchlight comes in 3 pieces which consist of the light itself, an extension cable and USB adapter, and the bracket for mounting or standing the light upright. We found that it’s very user friendly. It’s as simple as unscrewing the cord from the light (pictured below) and the hanger slides right off. Not to mention the hanger weighs mere ounces so it’s not a burden if you decide to carry it.

Voltaic’s patent pending lens design is simply amazing, it really sets the Touchlight apart from most other lanterns we’ve tested. It’s very user friendly due to it’s simple design. The design is so simple because the lens itself acts as the buttons for all 3 settings. It’s as easy as pushing the lens once for low light, twice for high, and a third time for the pulse setting. One thing we often notice about gear is the less moving parts there are the more durable they become. We tested Voltaic’s design in multiple elements and had no issues with performance or sticking.

During our review we tested the Touchlight on multiple trips and a variety of disciplines, although we enjoy using the light around base camp it really excelled on the trail when backpacking. The portable battery and makes it great for a handheld, lantern, etc. Here you see us using the Touchlight plugged in to the V15 USB Battery. Paired with this battery the light runs 6 to 20 hours depending on the brightness setting. Rated Luminosity of 114-132 lumens at 350 mA. Thanks to the Cree LED bulb this little guy packs a huge punch and keeps on going.

One of the best features we found during this review was that the Touchlight is completely water proof. We were skeptical at first but as you can see below it’s fully submersible and still fully operational. This amazing feature makes the Touchlight even more versatile than we originally thought. With a waterproof case for the battery the applications where this light could be useful are endless.

So if you love luxuries without all the extra weight then the Voltaic Touchlight is the perfect addition to your pack. This ultralight, compact, super bright LED goes everywhere with us. We use it as a lantern at basecamp, as a spotlight on the trails, and anywhere else we can find an excuse to get it out and play with it.

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See you on the trails!

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