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Xshot – GoPro Pole

In the age of social media there are a lot more opportunities for self promotion as athletes and it’s all about documenting and sharing your adventures with the community of the sports you’re involved with. As sponsored adventure racing athletes ourselves we are presented a variety of opportunities to share our sport with friends, family, and business partners. We’ve really learned to appreciate products like these. You hear some people bashing selfie sticks in their social groups but you definitely don’t hear them open their mouths when they see the sick edits and pics you post! Call it what you want but camera mounts are a crucial part of photography and action sports. That’s why we’re super excited to share the Xshot GoPro Pole with you.

One of the things we really liked about the XShot GoPro Pole is how compatible and versatile it was with a wide variety of cameras and video recorders right out of the box, there are no extra parts needed, including all Go Pro, JVC, and Sony cameras. It comes complete with 1 Go Pro camera mount and 1 universal 1/4″ tripod screw that affix to a heavy-duty metal ball head for amazing 360 degree POV shots.

The heavy duty construction was designed using aircraft grade aluminum, making it very strong and versatile for a variety of camera styles. Although there is a max camera weight of 1.25 pounds (not for DSLR’s) we tested it with the Canon Power shot for our review and felt the GoPro Pole handled the weight with ease, all done with pout adding bulk and weight to the product. The GoPro Pole weighs less than 7 oz. and collapses down to only 7″ long and extends to 32″ to reach maximum angles for your shot. It packs a really big punch for such a small package.

When testing products one of the most important things we look for is durability. We’ve tested many of selfie sticks and camera mounts that have lost their tension due to worn screws, rubber bushings, etc. With the GoPro Pole we’ve tested it rigorously and haven’t noticed any wear or decline in durability.

The XShot GoPro Pole attachments are very user friendly. A simple Alan wrench changes between the the universal 1/4″ tripod screw mount and the Go Pro mount. One thing that’d we’d like to have seen different is a quicker way to change them in the field. Definitely not a deciding factor when purchasing the GoPro Pole but we thought we’d mention it.

One thing we look for in a quality camera/action pole is comfort, after all it is suppose to act like an extension of your body right? XShot has equipped the GoPro Pole with a very durable and grabby rubber handle that exceeded all other handles we’ve encountered. Very comfortable and easy to hold over long periods of time in order to get that perfect shot even when covered in sand, mud, water, etc. It performed above all the rest.

Another great feature in addition to the comfort of the non-slip rubber sports grip is the over-sized wrist strap that allows you to concentrate on your move, trick, or other equipment without having to worry about losing your camera and GoPro Pole. We found it to be really secure on our wrist and comfortable enough to barely notice.

After multiple uses we found that the Xshot GoPro Pole is a great addition to any photographer’s (amateur or professional) camera arsenal. Durability and functionality are just two of the qualities that make the GoPro Pole stand out above the rest. Make sure you head over to their website and check out all their other amazing products.

See you on the trails!

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